Save Energy with a Clean Oven

Save Energy with a Clean Oven

Save Energy with a Clean Oven

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Having a dirty oven increases your energy costs because an oven is less efficient when dirty, this means food takes longer to cook and therefore you use more gas or electricity. A dirty oven has to work a little harder to cook food as the energy is absorbed cooking the dirt instead. Even if its only a 2% energy usage gain, that is more than £3.50 on your monthly bill.

Ovens work better if they are shiny inside as the heat is reflected back towards the food. Another thing with a dirty oven is the quality of the food, a dirty oven can add a bitter and smoky taste to your Sunday Roast or favourite cake. Dirty ovens also hold bacteria and yes some of them can still survive in the heat.

Most greasy patches just congeal on the oven floor and then when cooking, burn into the oven lining, using energy and adding to your energy bills. Greasy spills cause smoke which add subtle nasty oily flavours to some foods. If you have small pets or children, the smoke generated from a dirty oven can also be harmful to them. Some dirty oven fumes can be dangerous and are carcinogenic.

Greasy oven spills can also be dangerous due to fire risk if left to sit at the bottom of the oven. Just a 1/4″ pool of grease on an oven floor is about the same as a small fryer in the amount of oil it contains, being cooked on full for 1.5 hours , which if it reaches flash point can be very bad.

An oven is a machine with moving parts such as fans – hot surfaces that need to be clean to work well. The best maintenance you can give to your oven is to have it professionally cleaned regularly for the best performance, as a professional clean is better value than an oven that has been damaged by being dirty.

Darius can carry out an oven clean in and around Colchester and Essex, so call now to book yours, if you are unsure, why not read the hundreds of 5-Star reviews we have on Facebook.

Darius Oven Cleaning is an independent locally based oven cleaner and is not part of a national franchise or chain, so you can be assured of a truly local and competitively priced service that is of high quality.

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